Friday morning was overcast, cloudy and

the Torquay surf as rough as I have seen.

Even so…


…on this cold and windy morning,

a bikini-clad mermaid

emerged from the surf after her

boyfriend (I think) bailed on her

preferring the safety and warmth

of his vehicle.





Book Review-Die-For-You

Die For You


Lisa Unger

I have wanted to listen to Lisa Unger’s Die for You for a little over four years.  However, having just finished Die for You I wish I had left it on my wish list until I was desperate for a read.  Therein may be the problem….listening to an audiobook in the car during a lockdown, when trips are few and far between, there is a possibility that one may tend to not remember the storyline.  

The story was about an author (Isabel) whose husband (Marcus) had simply disappeared.  Not just disappeared but was not the man she thought she had married.  His name was not even Marcus.  That was the name of the man she was supposed to have married.  In Unger’s Sliver of Truth, a character also discovers her father is not her father.  Perhaps this is one of Unger’s themes in all her books? 

From here the story sees Isabel searching throughout New York City and Prague for the real Marcus if he is still alive.

Die for You was my fourth Lisa Unger book.  I won’t be reaching for number five any time soon.  I liken Die for You to Sliver of Truth which I described as ‘…rather tedious, dull and boring…’

Die for You quickly became background noise, and not once did I reach for the replay button after a short drive. 

Because I completed Die for You I rated it as a two-star audiobook.  It may have been a better ‘read’.


I rated

Die for You 

as a



Other Goodreads readers have rated

Die for You 

an average of 3.61 stars

from 5,464 ratings

and 594 reviews

Die for You 

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strange and frightening



Geelong’s Moorabool Street

from Eastern Beach precinct.


A scene from a medieval sea battle?




Not at all! 

Simply a foggy morning on Corio Bay.

Albeit a fog unlike any other.