the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas
of a photographic image,
especially as rendered by a particular lens.



Anchor chain


Parrot at Ballyang Sanctuary.


Lilac Breasted Roller

sighted in

Botswana’s Okavango Delta.

Also plentiful in South Africa’s

Kruger National Park.



A Photo a Week Challenge:...Bokeh











A prerequisite for putting Taji’s food in a kong

was that it would curb the elegant way a labrador eats.

It took her 2-3 feeds before she devised a method

of extracting her food nearly as quickly

as she could eat it, consequently, the kong

now sits unloved and unwanted on our old trampoline.


 London’s St James Park provided

a squirrel for this post.


Last year’s lockdown wedding anniversary dinner

seemed like a banquet to us.   

No cooking and little cleaning up afterwards.


Geelong has a single Giant Sequoia tree

in its Botanic Gardens.


I think we will have a few years to wait for it to attain

the size of its Californian cousins, though.


A wedding bouquet 


Finally, a photo of the equines hanging

on my study wall.

  It does have some family significance

however not sure what at the moment.











The Holland America Line vessel,

the Noordam…


…left a long trailing wake as it cruised

the inside passage to Alaska.



A much smaller vessel the Hygeia

appeared to leave a turbulent wake behind

as it cruised Geelong’s

Corio Bay.