Seven Perfect Things


Catherine Ryan Hyde

A litter of seven puppies, a thirteen-year-old girl (Abby) who talks to strangers (Elliot) and domestic abuse combine to create a heart-warming story that features Seven Perfect Things/Puppies.

Author, Catherine Ryan Hyde, has set her novel in the Sierra Nevada foothills where life is hard for Abby and her mother (Mary) thanks to an abusive father/husband.

Abby rescues a bag full of puppies that have been thrown into a river and immediately falls in love with every one of them.  She knows one puppy is out of the question, let alone seven, so she decides to leave them at an apparently abandoned cabin in the foothills. 

All is well until the owner (Elliot) turns up.  Elliot is grieving the very recent death of his wife and finds Abby and her puppies a welcome distraction from his loneliness.

After a slightly rocky beginning, Abby and Elliot’s friendship grows to a degree that Abby is thinking of him as her father.   As we arrive at this point, Abby returns home one night to her home in chaos as her father Stan packs minimal belongings and moves, family and all out of the district.

Abby and her mother, Mary, successfully plan to return to their hometown and from there, move to the city.


Seven Perfect Things is another novel that fits the ‘page turner’ category.


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Seven Perfect Things

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Seven Perfect Things

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Seven Perfect Things

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the action or process of discovering
or being discovered.

Taji knew there was food in there,

but how to get it out?


With some rocking and rolling…

…Taji soon discovered how to quickly retrieve

all food stashed inside the kong.

More recently I discovered a new Geelong lane

which is covered in vintage style street art.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Discovery







the main meal of the day,
taken either around midday
or in the evening.

It does appear all that elegant now,

however, this home delivered dinner was

just what the doctor ordered for our

lockdown wedding anniversary in 2020.