During the past few weeks…

…we have had several weather fronts pass us by.

Each front appeared ominous, however,

little or no rain fell in our neck of the woods.

On Friday, October 20, we were greeted with this sunrise…

‘…red sky in the morning shepherd warning…’

According to the television weather forecast

we were likely to receive 25-30 mm of rain.

With nothing showing on the rain radar

my scepticism was only being held at bay

by the rain moth which had appeared

earlier in the week in our garage.


Forget radar!

There is nothing like nature

when it comes to forecasting the weather.

The dogs were snuggled up in their

verandah beds about an hour before

we heard the thunder, soon to be followed

by some of the heaviest rain, we have received

since moving here in 2005.

Soon there was 13mm in our rain gauge

followed by another 17mm overnight.

And as the clocks approach 4PM on Saturday,

another 6mm at was noted 3PM

with heavier showers since then.



   Amanda                                Sandi       

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