Book Review-Haunted ready



James Patterson


James O. Born


Haunted was my second James Patterson read for 2021 and a puzzling one into the bargain.  However, it was the usual quick read with short sharp chapters.  As with many of Patterson’s books, it was enjoyable, but not really memorable.

Detective Mike Bennett gets to know the law from the other side after his fifteen-year-old is convicted on serious drug charges and the judge decided to make an example of him, putting him in prison for far longer than expected.

After seeing his son off to prison Mike realises that time with one’s children is precious and he and his tribe decide on a family vacation in Maine, where a former female colleague works.  He has barely arrived when his former colleague is at his back door begging for help to solve one of many cases of youth disappearances in the area.    Agreeing to help with one case leads to another and another when it becomes apparent that drugs are involved in each disappearance.

Finally, I wish I was paid ten cents for every time the word ‘said’ was used.  Not one character commented, asked, replied, mentioned or answered.  There are so many synonyms for ‘said’ all of which make written dialogue much more interesting.

Unfortunately, the authors of this novel are not the only ones I find guilty of lazy writing.  Using ‘said’….all the time!

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