Book Review-The-Angel-Creek-Girls

The Angel Creek Girls

(Kay Sharp #3)


Leslie Wolfe

Leslie Wolfe’s third Kay Sharp offering The Angel Creek Girls is the best of three, Kay Sharp books, so far.  Set in and around her hometown, Mount Chester during a monsoonal type downpour.

Cheryl and her two youngest daughters are anxiously waiting for sixteen-year-old Julie to return home so that they may leave their Mount Chester home.  Julie’s return home that evening is followed by another visitor which in turn leads to a murder and a kidnapping.

Shortly after Sharp and Elliot Young commence their investigation; Young is tasked with another case where he finds a body alongside a busy road.   Are the two connected?  All forensic evidence washed away in the continuing deluge chances of finding the killer are slim.

Detective Sharp soon declares that there is a serial kidnapper operating in and around her hometown with kidnappings dating back over fifty years.  Needless to say, she is not that popular when her superiors hear her assertion.

Kay pulls some strings and soon her assertion has some legs.  But, is it enough to secure a conviction?

I think The Angel Creek Girls has more twists and turns than in any other book reviewed in 2021.

I will also re-state that The Angel Creek Girls is the best, of the three Detective Kay Sharp books, so far.  I hope there are more in the pipeline.

I rated

The Angel Creek Girls

as a solid

five-star read.

At the time of writing my review other

Goodreads readers have rated

The Angel Creek Girls

an average of 4.46 stars

from 818 ratings

and 84reviews

The Angel Creek Girls

is available online


Booktopia,  Fishpond and Amazon




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