the condensed moisture of the atmosphere
falling visibly in separate drops.
I was sure last week’s theme was Bridge…so this is a catchup

Raindrops on…


Whichever lens was on my camera wasn’t wide enough

to capture this rainbow with one image,

hence this, is two images stitched together.


This is the result of quick rain.


A summer shower…a heavy one. 

Only editing is a tint

to accentuate the drops.



Where the pot of gold awaits me.



One Word Sunday Challenge:...Rain









the place where one lives permanently,
especially as a member of a family
or household.

No matter where I have been travelling, many

international flights usually touch down

in Sydney first.

Therefore with the sighting of the

Sydney Harbour Bridge comes a feeling of home.

Sighting Melbourne’s skyline and Victorians

know they are home.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Home