Front Runner


Felix/Dick  Francis

(Jefferson Hinkley #1)


Front Runner, was my fifth novel bearing the Francis surname and my second featuring Jeff Hinkley who is still a BHA (British Horse Racing Authority) investigator.

A morning phone call from a jockey sees Jeff on a train to meet said jockey in person.  The jockey is nowhere to be found and while trying to find him Hinkley finds himself in a life-threatening situation, which, as it turns out, is only the first of several life-threatening situations Hinkley is to experience in Front Runner.  Situations that see Hinkley spending a few days in hospital with Henri(ettia) becoming a constant visitor.  Henri invites Hinkley to the Cayman Islands for Christmas and New Year.   To Hinkley’s surprise transportation to the Caymans is not via a commercial airliner, rather, it is the company private jet of which Henri is a board member.

At his stage, I was beginning to ask myself how the Cayman section had anything to do with British horse racing.   However, among all the wealth surrounding his host, Hinkley still managed to find himself in hot water, so to speak.

I thoroughly enjoyed Front Runner and would recommend this book to lovers of the ‘whodunit’ genre.

While Front Runner has its foundation in British Horse Racing, much of the action takes place in the Cayman Islands.  There are a few pages at the end to tie up the wholly British storylines at the beginning of the book.

Overall another delightful book albeit, loosely about the British Horse Racing industry.

A solid four-star read from Dick Francis.


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Front Runner

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Front Runner

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a structure carrying a road, path, railway, etc.
across a river, road, or other obstacle

To me, this is the most famous, or infamous bridge in the world. 

I think it was a Primary School teacher who

introduced me to Florence’s

Bridge of Sighs

From that day forth it was always

on my mind to see/visit in person

Was it because I crossed it in a previous life? 

Some I know would heartily agree.


Dubai’s elevated railway appears to be

one long bridge stretching through the city.



One of my favourite New Zealand landscapes.



Finally, the bridge everyone recognises.

Sydney Harbour Bridge.


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sport or hobbies



Australian Rules Football was my choice

of winter sport during my teens…

…and cricket or tennis during the warmer weather.

These images bring back memories of…

…my High School woodworking classes.

For me, cycling was only ever a hobby.

These cyclists may have started

their careers as hobbyists…


…however these days it’s a serious sport for them.