the part of the face above the eyebrows.

After three visits to London and New Zealand…

…and two each to South Africa and Canada…

…I no longer consider myself a novice traveller.


Fandango’s One-Word Challenge:…Forehead





consisting of, containing,
or resembling water

As we approached this stop

I felt sure we were approaching

a tall grey wall.

 I was so relived to find my wall

was actually a watery grey lake.







(chiefly in commercial use)
a drink other than water

My morning tea coffee.

I love a cold/iced coffee in summer.

Feeling a bit dry in Italy, I asked for an iced coffee.

What I was expecting and what I received

were poles apart.

My milky coffee with ice cream was

nowhere to be seen, replaced with

strong (to my palette) black coffee

with a few ice cubes added was

almost cool on a hot day.

Still, as they say, ‘…when in Rome…’

My beverage of choice, all year round.

I’m told it is not healthy, however, without nicotine

clogging my lungs or alcohol consumption

messing with my brain, I think a sip or three

of my favourite is okay once or twice a week.


I commenced my post with my

mid-morning beverage of choice.

I will finish my post with my breakfast beverage,

a good homebrew of tea leaves…in a pot.

Life has to be desperate for yours truly

to drink teabag tea.

In fact, many times I have choosen

coffee over teabag tea.


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