drunk; intoxicated.

After a then young Maggie had slurped up any and all

the old cooking sherry MGW disposed of,

we found her asleep and snoring vigorously.

We thought she was inebriated.

Suspicions confirm upon getting close enough

to smell her breath.

She reeked!!


Fandango’s One-Word Challenge:…Inebriated




Some random Bollards…

This couple greet visitors to the

Geelong Botanical Gardens

Now Geelong is out of lockdown…

…I must visit the Geelong foreshore once again

to see if these last two can be found in 2021.









Early Autumn in Ballarat

Golden Robinia turning colour.


Autumn leaf.



Japanese Maple in autumn colour


Ginko tree



Japanese Maple


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:...Colours-Of-Autumn

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:...Colours Of-Autumn

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:…Colours-Of-Autumn

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:...Colours-Of-Autumn




signs of spring

regrowth, renewal



Wattle trees bloom in late July, early August.

Our new pink daffodils were first to bloom,

this year…

…followed by the King Alfreds in mid-August.

I have only sighted one paddock of canola this year…

It may still be a little early for wildflowers.

During the past week or two,

I have nearly decapitated our

resident lizard with the mower.

It was a surprise to sight it again.

as it has been absent or hibernating

all winter.