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The Stockmen


Rachael Treasure

Whilst I have always enjoyed Rachael Treasure novels, The Stockmen, I think, will rate among my favourites, if for no other reason than it is set in Western Victoria, where I spent 55 years of my life.  I also had a Black and Tan Kelpie dog (Brandy) which as a six-week-old pup ran out from its litter to greet me.  For the next thirteen years, he was my one and only work colleague and mate.  His first and only litter of pups was born a few weeks before his death.  The pup I kept  (Ginger) lasted fourteen years making a total of 27 years with father and daughter.

But, enough of my reminiscing and on with my review.

Rosie Jones was kept away from learning how to be a farmer by her parents, especially her mother who is intent on climbing her own social ladder at the expense of her daughter’s wishes.

Rosie’s fiancé, Sam, meets an untimely death after which Rosie’s boss assigns her to research a story about an Irish stockman of the nineteenth century and his kelpie dogs, for a series of articles to be published in the Casterton paper prior to the inaugural kelpie auction.

Her only distraction is a real Irish stockman (Jim) her father employs to help on their farm.   Jim is good with animals and teaches Rosie how to train a litter of pups.

Another enjoyable audiobook from Rachael Treasure made so much better because it was set in my backyard, so to speak.

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