What a lovely dog you think.

Numerous times both Taji and Candi have

been ostensibly minding their own business.

Out of the blue, Candi is up and running,

barking at something just out of sight.

Silly Taji just has to be in on the hunt,

in there was anything to hunt, soon follows.

As soon as Taji joins the chase,

leaving her bone behind.

Candi gives a few more barks and

doubles back to and grabs said bone.

Duplicitous to the core.



Fandango’s One-Word Challenge:…Duplicitous




focal point

the centre of interest or activity



Focal point…seagulls. 

I think the Warrnambool Surf Lifesavers club rooms,

in the background,

provide too much distraction. 

Initially, I thought this was a

cropped version of my first image. 

Again I was incorrect. 

However, there is little or no distraction

and the seagulls are

the obvious focal point.



Everything I didn’t want in focus

is in focus and vice versa.



Now the focal point is in focus. 

Still, far too much background distraction


A cropped version of the previous image

leaves no doubt that at least some of the

Weeping Cherry buds are in focus

and are the focal point of this image.


A Photo a Week Challenge:...Focal-Point










A polygon is a two-dimensional figure that can be formed
by any number of straight-line segments
which are all connected to form
a closed shape.
A shape with curved sides is not a polygon


National Gallery of Australian Art

Wall created by,

Triangles, Rectangles and Irregular Polygons.


Simpler forms of polygons are used

in this Suburban Libary wall.



Rectangular bricks


Some polygons still exist in these

Colosseum pavers, though over time

many have been broken or chipped.