a voyage on a ship or boat taken for pleasure
or as a holiday and usually calling in
at several places.

Our cruise up the inside passage

to Glacier Bay was as quiet as expected.

The only surprise being some

rougher water on the first day.



Book Review-Daylight


(Atlee Pine #3)


David Baldacci

Daylight, by David Baldacci, is the third of three books, featuring FBI Agent, Atlee Pine.    Daylight sees Atlee continuing to search for answers regarding the kidnapping of her twin sister, Mercy, thirty years earlier.

After discovering who kidnapped Mercy, Pine and trusty assistant Carol Blum accidentally bump into John Puller after blowing his arrest during a drug operation.

Working together, Pine and Puller discover a connection between the kidnapper’s family and corrupt politicians.

Among layers of lies and cover-ups, Pine makes some discoveries about her personal quest that shock her to the bone.

Atlee finally discovers the truth about what happened to Mercy.  Truths, which shatter Pine’s beliefs about who did what, and what did not happen to her sister Mercy. 

As with Long Road to Mercy, A Minute To Midnight and Daylight are all good quick reads/audiobooks.  Readers of the Atlee Pine series should commence with book one, Long Road to Mercy, in my opinion.   

Baldacci fans will enjoy Daylight.

I rated


as a four-star read.

Other Goodreads readers have rated


an average of 4.19 stars

from 27,336 ratings

and 1,964 reviews.



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