by means of digital
or computer technology

Many years ago those in authority changed

the Flinders Street Station clocks from

analogue to digital clock faces.

So many people protested,

that the digital clock faces

were changed back to analogue.

From memory, these analogue

faces are digitally powered.







In January 2017, Mother-in-law passed away.

Shortly thereafter Father-in-law decided

to move into a retirement village.

This Vacola preserving kit was one of the many things

which was listed for sale when downsizing

from a 3 bedroom house to a

small 2 bedroom retirement village house.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Preserving-Food






resolutely or dutifully firm

and unwavering.


Even though Labradors love to sleep,

they are steadfastly loyal…

…however, I have never owned a dog

as steadfastly loyal as Brandy.

All his life, he worked for me and only me.


Fandango’s One-Word Challenge:…Steadfast