pubs, taverns

a place of business where people gather
to drink alcoholic beverages
and be served food


As the sign states Port Fairy’s…

Stump Hotel is the oldest licensed hotel in Victoria.

And it is located just across the road from

the stadium in which we played basketball

two nights each week,

during the summer of 1972.

A very good place to visit

to rehydrate after a game.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Pubs-Taverns





A Rope Fence…

…designed to keep tourists off the grass.




An educated guess tells me this fence

is in the vicinity of 40-50 years old.


A temporary fence to contain two young pups

after their trip to the vet. 

Maggie was quite disgusted at being

contained as well.


Street Art


Looking Through-the Gate of Violence

An automatically opening/closing gateway

in Hamilton Gardens

New Zealand



Strainer posts support the fence tension

and often a gate as well.


Menin Gate



The reverse view through

Menin Gate

Gateways like this one lead

to the various gardens in the

Hamilton (New Zealand) Gardens.


A Gateway in the wall/fence

around old York


The Eastern end/Gateway to the

Great Ocean Road



A Photo a Week Challenge:...Gates-and-Fences