The Evidence


K. L. Slater


The Evidence is the eighteenth of K. L. Slater’s novels I have read, and reviewed, in the past two years.

After a hit and run accident in which her son was injured on his way home from school, Esme Fox leaves her job and begins building a successful podcast, theoretically to have something to help provide for her son when he is older.

She is current interviewing Simone who has been convicted and sentenced for murdering her husband.  This excites Esme simply because it is the first time Simone has spoken about her case let alone requested a particular journalist.

Podcast One is such a success that a television station wants to talk to Esme about a collaborative effort with the rest of Simone’s podcasts.  The meeting is a disaster however when Esme’s sister and researcher is a no show.  She is discovered several days later in a nearby wood at death’s door.

Meanwhile, Esme continues interviewing Simone who begins to talk about her abusive marriage.  It is only then that recently separated Esme takes a cold hard look at her own marriage.  Esme realises how much she has been controlled and manipulated by her ex during their marriage.

The Evidence is worth reading just to read the last few chapters.  Who did what to whom?          

Another brilliant novel from K. L. Slater which I rated as a five-star read.


I rated

The Evidence

as a solid

star read.

At the time of writing my review other

Goodreads readers have rated

The Evidence

an average of 4.14 stars

from 1,398 ratings

212 reviews


The Evidence

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In a few weeks, October 3 to be precise,

we are going to be thrown out of gear

for a few days as we go back to

Daylight Savings Time

which will last until then the

1st Sunday of April.

In 1976 I set off on my overseas trip

as was the norm in those days.

I spent a month touring around Great Britain,

before heading over to Canada,

my real destination.

In 2016 we returned to Great Britain,

for a few days, prior to crossing

the English Channel, from Dover,

for our European holiday.


It was not until we were home a few weeks

that I began thinking of going back

to France to visit the Western Front battlefields

where my Grandfather served during World War I.


In late May 2017, I again landed at Heathrow

where I boarded a London bound train to

St Pancras International Station.

At St Pancras, I boarded the Eurostar

for my trip across to France,

disembarking at Lille.

From Lille, it was only a 45-minute

train ride south to Arras.







Fishbait on Point Lonsdale Pier

French farmers are still finding unexploded

ammunition in their paddocks.

These munitions are taken to a depot

outside their town, which is cleared

every two or three weeks.

Shrapnel is also in plentiful supply



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