the sequence of steps and movements in dance
or figure skating, especially in a ballet
or other staged dance.

The Cuckoo Clock Waltz required simple choreography…

…ad a lot of imagination.


Fandango’s One-Word Challenge:…Choreography





publicly display (a work of art or item of interest)
in an art gallery or museum or at a trade fair.

In early 2018 I joined what our local council

called the Arts Trail.

I exhibited some of my photos

in a country hall with others.

From memory, I was the only exhibitor showing

photographic art at the venue.

The majority of exhibitors were

showing their paintings or handcrafts.


I  soon learned that many visitors were

not impressed with photographic art.

Instead, preferring to spend their hard-earned on

paintings that I would not dream of owning.

Sadly, the only real interest I had was a male

who exclaimed three times

That’s a photograph

when viewing this image.

Since then I have been told that

there is no skill involved in photography.

I guess freedom of speech does entitle

everyone to their own opinion.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Exhibit