I have just noticed that there has been

a guest host for a few weeks…

…so, a few catch up posts to follow this week.

All of these images were shot in our garden

during August/early September 2021. 

The exception was the spider…still

in our garden, however,

a few years ago now.

Our newly acquired Weeping Cherry in Bud.




5 thoughts on “Sunday-Stills-In-Our-Garden

  1. Hello Woolly, Nice to meet you virtually via Sunday Stills photo challenge. That looks like a big spider. Your photos of the flowers and Weeping cherry in bud are beautiful. Looks like you’re heading for spring while I’m heading for autumn. Thank you for your contribution to Sunday Stills.


    • Hi Natalie,
      My apologies for missing out on those challenges. I only noticed you had been the guest host for the past few weeks. The seasonal differences between the Northern and Southern hemispheres have, in the past made challenges difficult. In our garden makes it much easier for bloggers fro both the North and South.


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