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All of these images were shot in our garden

during August/early September 2021. 

The exception was the spider…still

in our garden, however,

a few years ago now.

Our newly acquired Weeping Cherry in Bud.




Book Review-A-Minute-to-Midnight

A Minute to Midnight

(Atlee Pine #2)


David Baldacci

A Minute To Midnight by David Baldacci is the second of three books, so far, featuring FBI Agent, Atlee Pine.    Midnight sees Atlee returning to her hometown to find out what became of her twin sister, Mercy, who was abducted when they were six.  The thirty-year-old kidnapping of her sister, Mercy, has been the main force behind Attlee joining the FBI.   However, her anger over the unresolved kidnapping nearly has her thrown off the FBI.

Upon arriving in her hometown in Georgia, with her assistant Carol Blum, she soon discovers that no one really knows who owns her family home.  She only seems to be in town a short while before being seconded by local police to help track down what proves to be a serial killer.

One body becomes two.  Two becomes three.   The FBI is called in to officially assist with the investigation.  During which Atlee may have been the target of an ambush shooting saved only by the fact that she was driving.

As with Long Road to Mercy, A Minute To Midnight is a good quick read/audiobook.  One thing which makes the audiobook stand out is that a male and a female narrator are used which gives more character to each voice.

The ending had me reaching for book 3 of the series, Daylight.

Baldacci fans will love A Minute To Midnight

I have just squeezed A Minute to Midnight into a four-star rating.

I have rated

A Minute to Midnight

as a

four star read.

Other Goodreads readers have rated

A Minute to Midnight

an average of 4.20 stars

from 33,900 ratings

 and 2,457 reviews.


A Minute to Midnight

may be purchased online at

Fishpond, Booktopia and Amazon





of the colour of the sky without clouds on a bright day,
or a darker or lighter shade of blue


Blue hour,

Geelong Marina.


Blue Pansies


Geelong Ferris Wheel


An Air Arctic plane flew us over the Arti Circle.


Our Blue Gums


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:   Blue