inspiring a feeling of wonder or delight;



According to Labradors the is never

sufficient food on the table…

New Zealand’s,

Mt Ruapehu


Tongariro National Park

Taken from a digitised version of Super 8 movie film,

atop Ayres Rock (now Uluru) in Central Australia.

Twenty-four year-old Woolly

signing the visitor’s book

after climbing the Rock in 1975.

With The Olgas in the background,

it was a wondrous experience.






Black and White Challenge.


A fence I grew used to seeing.


Fences I am not…

…keen on being surrounded by.

At 0500 on our last morning in Africa (2013)

the noise outside our accommodation

was loud enough to wake me.

Imagine my surprise to see this elephant

being kept at bay by this fence.

A gateway in the wall around old York,

The United Kingdom.

The gateway onto Cunningham Pier in Geelong.