a number,
especially one which forms part of official statistics
or relates to the financial performance of a company.

They tell us when we can eat and

how much the meal will cost.



…the weight a bridge will hold…


..how fast we can travel.


I’m told 63 Degrees is the temperature

of a cup of coffee at a popular coffee shop

in Geelong.


In some countries, it is wise to read and obey

these safety warnings.


Signboards like this tell us how far to the next town

and what number the road is.

As students arrive at and leave school

there are periods of time when drivers

have to slow to 40 km per hour as they

pass through school zones.

Figures on a clock advise us of how much

of the day has passed by.






My post this week focuses on home projects

during the past few years.

I have already posted about the projects

and have included only one or two images

from each post with a link to the original post

if any readers wish to read more.

After fifteen years under our verandah,

it was decreed that a planter holder,

which I made at school in 1964 or 1965,

was past its prime.

It was meant to hold pot plants and was filled

with everything but potted plants.


It was to be a box, come seat, I was told.

My original post with more images

can be found here…

Box Seat

In 2016 with  the arrival of two new pups,

it was again decreed that there

should also be new kennels

My original kennels post can be

found here…

New Kennels.


In 2020, during lockdown 2, or 3,

we decided to add a border around a garden bed

which refer to as the orchard because

our fruit trees are here.

As I stated at the time it would not be completely finished

until September/October this year (2021).

My original post can be found here…



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Boxing-Day





truculent or uncooperative behaviour.



Camera to my eye…

…Mum and Dad stopped however teenage daughter

was not as polite especially when asked

by her parents, to give me a moment. 

She had attitude.



A Photo a Week Challenge:...Attitude