Four Seconds to Lose

(Ten Tiny Breaths #3)

K. A. Tucker


Four Seconds To Lose is K. A. Tucker’s third novel in the Ten Tiny Breaths series.  Again Ms Tucker has focussed on one of the original characters.  This time it is strip club owner, Cain with guest appearances by all of the original Ten Tiny Breaths cast of characters  


Cain has a strict no fraternizing with the dancers policy which works well until Charlie Rourke casts her shadow over his doorway, seeking a job.   Being around Charlie sees all types of emotions stirred in Cain; basic, animal emotions which have lain dormant for many years.  In fact, Charlie is the only dancer which Cain comes out of his office to watch, each and every night.  

But Charlie is involved in shady dealings.  Her step-dad is using her as a drug mule and drugs are one thing which Cain wants nothing to do with.  As romance begins to blossom, Cain decides to air his dirty laundry for Charlie’s benefit.   He feels his hitherto unknown past may be holding Charlie back…what he doesn’t know is that it is her past, present and future which is stopping Charlie from committing to Cain.

Another easy read from K. A. Tucker which I enjoyed immensely.

 At the time of writing my review,

other Goodreads readers have rated

Four Seconds to Lose

an average of 4.20 stars

from 18,380 ratings

and 1,445 reviews.


I rated

Four Seconds to Lose

as an enjoyable

four star read.


Four Seconds to Lose

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of oneself or one’s importance.

We tend to think that Taji portrays a proud

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