Where She Went 

(If I Stay, #2)

Gayle Forman

Where She Went, sequel to If I Stay, was my second Gayle Forman read.  Again the title was a tad confusing as it refers to ‘she’ however the first chapter, at least, is all about ‘he’.  A minor detail, I know.

It’s three years since the accident which nearly claimed Mia’s life.   Three years since Mia left Adam’s rock and roll world to pursue her studies on the East Coast.  Three years since Adam and Mia had seen or spoken to each other.

Adam’s star has taken off to the extent that he wishes it had not and was contemplating leaving his band.  While overnighting in New York fate ensures that Adam meets up with Mia again.

After a tentative beginning Adam and Mia soon find themselves relating old times like they had never been apart.  Mia takes Adam on a tour of her city which she now calls home and slowly they revisit past opening the hearts to each other about their past, present and future; alone or together?  That is the question.

After the first chapters I enjoyed

Where She Went

but only to the extent of three stars.


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

Where She Went

an average of 4.01 stars,

from 270,707 ratings

and 20,385 reviews.


Where She Went

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