Summer months are better months…

…for spiders.

Maybe it is because of other delicacies

which are also out and about.

Or perhaps it is a great time to take…

…the family for a walk.


Of course long summery days…

…sees many…

…honey bees…


…hard at work…

…preparing their hives…

…for long cold winter months ahead.

And while classified as a bug, neighbours

have said they have seen tiger snakes

and other reptiles in their hardens.

However, this is the only snake I have

found on our property in nearly 20 years.

I had either run over it with our lawnmower

or predator birds had attacked and killed it.

We do have a blue tongue lizard under

our front verandah from time to time,

especially in the summer months.



7 thoughts on “Sunday-Stills-Summer-Bugs

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