Riverstone Ridge


Mandy Magro

Mandy Magro’s, Riverstone Ridge was my sixth read of this author’s works and as with Ms Magro’s works, it is set in Far North Queensland.

As 17-year-olds are prone to do Nina slipped out her window to go to a party while she was grounded.  A car pulls over and she is offered a ride.  When she declines, however, the sleazy driver becomes insistent and she is only saved when her high school crush also pulls up to see if all is okay.  A month or so later she leaves Huntingvale, for city life, without so much as a goodbye to school friends.  Only her adoptive mother Bea knows why.

Around two decades later Nina receives word that Bea has passed away.  Upon her return to Riverstone Ridge and Huntingvale, Nina again meets up with her high school crush and now the local law enforcer Logan.  Bea has tasked Nina with the sale of Riverstone Ridge if Nina does not want to keep it

The only questions to be answered are, will widower and local policeman Logan admit they have feelings for each other?  And what information has Bea left in her five weekly letters, from the grave, being delivered by the family lawyer?  And, finally, will Nina sell Riverstone Ridge, or will she find something that will keep her in Huntingvale?

I rated

Riverstone Ridge

 as an enjoyable

three-star audiobook


At the time of writing my review

 other Goodreads readers had awarded

Riverstone Ridge

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