One Tiny Lie

(Ten Tiny Breaths #2)

K. A. Tucker



K. A. Tucker’s One Tiny Lie follows the fortunes of Livie, the sensible Cleary sister, during her first year at College. Livie is the planner of the two girls; college, exams, medical school and a good looking respectable husband.

All does not go according to plan and she soon begins to question her choices over the past few years.  Are her choices for herself or is she complying with her deceased father’s wishes?  With her love life a mess and her party life flourishing, straight A Livie begins her mid-terms with a C- for her favourite subject.

Has Livie turned into Miss Mediocrity?  Will she ever sort out her love life?  Will she cease her hard partying?  And how will her sister, Kacey react when Livie tells her what has transpired during the first few weeks of her freshman year of college?  Will Livie’s grades keep her at Princeton?

Surprisingly all of these question are answered if not directly, certainly indirectly.  As with all good authors there is a twist which helps Livie unravel many of the problems she faces.

I found

One Tiny Lie

an enjoyable read and rated

One Tiny Lie

as a solid

four star read.

And it appears many of K. A. Tucker fans

are like minded

with 82% of readers rating it 4 or 5 stars.

At the time of writing my review,

other Goodreads readers have rated

One Tiny Lie

an average of 4.27 stars

from 35,104 ratings

and 2,422 reviews.


One Tiny Lie

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