complete with regard to every detail;
not superficial or partial.

While I am happy with the result of this outdoor box…


…I have meet people who would not be happy with this little box.

They would easily find fault with only a cursory look,

let alone a thorough inspection.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Thorough




Liz Lawler

I’ll Find You was my second Liz Lawler book and I think it was as nearly as good as Don’t Wake Up.

I’ll Find You begins about a year after Emily’s sister Zoe, who she is trying to find, went missing, when Zoe is in hospital for a minor operation.  She wakes during the night to hear hospital staff furiously working on a person in the next bed, however, the next morning she is told that she must have dreamed the whole episode as there was no-one in the other bed.

She comes to the conclusion that some of the staff has something to hide.  But just what remained elusive?  Why did staff deny the presence of another patient in Emily’s room?  Why was one of the top surgeons involved?

Emily’s continued efforts to find her sister and the person in the other bed land her in a psychiatric ward for a while until she escapes.   After she escapes one of the senior nurses is murdered.  Guess who is suspected of committing the crime.

I enjoyed I’ll find you, especially near the end with many unexpected turn of events popping up.  Did she ever find her sister?  You will have to read the book

I rated

I’ll Find You

as a solid


At the time of writing my review,

Other Goodreads readers have rated

I’ll Find You

an average of 4.01 stars

from 1,976 ratings and 173 reviews

I’ll Find You

can be purchased on-line at

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No matter what time of year there are

always leaves on Australian native trees.


These coastal wind blown cypress are

also native to Australia.


However, the pinus radiata (background) are not natives, being

possibly introduced from California during the 1850s gold rush.

However, until about 40 years ago they were the tree of

choice for on-farm plantations in south west Victoria.


All eucalypts…

…are evergreen…


…although at times some do not have many leaves.