a structure carrying a road, path, railway, etc.
across a river, road, or other obstacle.


…past their…



use by date.

 This is a new bridge.

Personally, I would want to be

crossing as quickly as possible.


Still, it is a vast improvement

on the old bridge.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Bridge





the action or process of bringing something
into existence


It was decreed that my mids-60s high school creation

was destined to be replaced with

something more appropriate.

To begin with it had to be just high and wide enough to sit on

and store anything wanted on a regular basis. 

My first attempt was not good enough. 

I built the frame as I measured but forgot to allow for the sides,

which would not have been a huge problem except that my lids

were of a fixed length and width…120 by 60 centimetres.

It’s amazing how much one or two centimetres

can throw out one’s creation.


By the time I began take 2, I had discovered some partially dressed

and recycled fence palings on Facebook

While looking a bit rougher than expected on the inside…


…after three or four coats of varnish,

to help protect it from the elements,

I thought it looked quite respectable

on the outside.