Book Review-The-Girl-They-Took


(Tess Winnett #8)


Leslie Wolfe

We often send children to school functions thinking they will be safe. That was mother Miriam’s thoughts when she left seven year old daughter Paige, backstage with other children and teachers at the school’s play.   Within 45 minutes Paige had been kidnapped and Miriam was left unconscious in a broom cupboard.

The Girl They Took, the eighth in the Tess Winnett series, has Tess specifically requested to solve the kidnapping of the District Attorney’s daughter, Paige.

Two botched ransom drops, organised by a blow-in junkie and the paedophile kidnapper, only serve to exacerbate Mother Miriam’s hysteria.  The other kidnapper is against asking for a ransom as he is working for someone who has no ransom agenda and he is doing his best to keep Paige safe and sound.  Why?

Meanwhile Father District Attorney appears to show little or no interest in his daughter’s disappearance.  He seems to want to carry on as usual.   Again…Why?  You will have both of these questions answered when you read the book.

The Girl They Took has Winnett at her most subdued with most of her time waiting for ransom calls and trying to subdue distraught mother, however, it did show another side of Tess Winnett.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Girl They Took and recommend it to all Leslie Wolfe/Tess Winnett fans.

I rated

The Girl They Took

as a solid

four star read.

At the time of writing my review other

Goodreads readers have rated

The Girl They Took

an average of 4.45 stars

from 236 ratings

and 26 reviews

The Girl They Took

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