Point Lonsdale lighthouse…

…is easily visible from Point nepean…upper left corner.

It was from Fort Nepean that my Grandfather

was part of the gun crew which loaded and fired

this barrel at the German freighter the Pfalz

as it tried to sneak out of Port Phillip Bay,

a mere 5 hours after War had been declared

in London.

In 2014 the gun emplacement from which

the shot was fired was to be restored.

Hopefully that is now completed.

During the commemoration families laid wreaths

to commemorate their  ancestors.

Every time I enquired who could lay the wreath,,

I was given aa different answer.

My aunties, daughters of Grandfather, and I

selected the answer we liked most and

were the rebels of the day.


Making the day more authentic a freighter arrived

at around 1240 appearing to dawdle until,

we suspect, they were told there was

a loaded canon ready to be fired

in its direction at 1245.

The FIrst Shot, World War 1,

100 year, Commemoration,

Point Nepean National Park,

Portsea, 5th August 2014,

at 1245 hours









Griffin Gully Sunrise

Departing Port Phillip Bay

into Bass Strait.


At anchor.


Sailing Corio Bay.


Cruise ship in Corio Bay,

You Yangs in background.


Sailing Corio Bay.


Corio Bay morning


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