If I Stay 

(If I Stay, #1)

Gayle Forman

If I stay was my first Gayle Forman read, however, it won’t be my last.  Initially I found the title confusing and nothing in the blurb gave away he plot either.

Mia is a cellist; and a good one at that.  And at the tender age of 17 she is finding out that life is full of choices.  Practise or hang out with friends.  Practise or go to a concert.  Practise or listen to her boyfriend’s band play.

An unusual fall of snow closes all schools.  Mia’s family decide to go for a drive as the snow has barely covered the ground.  Only a few minutes into their drive something happens which leaves Mia with only one choice to make.  To go; or to stay.  Where?

If I Stay was a good quick read which I enjoyed, however, I’m sure there is some among us who will not enjoy the story.   I did enjoy If I Stay and although I felt the story was simply being padded at times I thought it still worthy of three stars.

The ending is abrupt, although appropriate

I rated

If I Stay

as a threestar read.

At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

If I Stay

an average of 3.94 stars,

from 745,981 ratings,

and 38,989 reviews.


If I Stay

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(of a thing) not able to be found
because it is not in its expected place


On August 5, 2014, at the commemoration of

Firing of the First Shot

of World War I…




…these pelicans provided us with a flyby

in what I imagined was

a missing airman formation.


I guess imagination is a

weird and wonderful thing.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Missing