No matter where in the world we travel…

…a place of prayer and worship…

…is not that far away.


 Mostly we pray for peace and health…


…and yet there are still wars and insurrections

around the globe…

…and we see some places of worship

put to other uses.






Perhaps not quite a Sculpture again this week,

but interesting just the same.



A stone from Mt Emei in China sits

on top of Switzerland’s Mt Rigi…

…signifying the formation of a sister relationship

between the two mountains in 2009…

….located in China’s Sichuan Province and

Switzerland’s Cantons of Schwyz and Lucerne.

The stone exchange is a strong symbol designed

to strengthen the partnership between

Mt. Rigi and Mt. Emei.


Sculpture Saturday





My first set of images were captured

in South Africa

African Harrier Hawk


Yellow Billed Hornbill


African Hawk Eagle

African Grey Heron



African White Heron




This next set are all Australian/Geelong captures.

Hawk vs Mudlark in our backyard.

Result, one dead Mudlark

and one happy hawk


Brown(?) Hawk


White Necked or Pacific Heron

White Faced Heron


A Hawk or a Falcon?