of, relating to, or designating a city or town:
densely populated urban areas.


Melbourne Laneway


These laneways have been devoid of patrons

for the better part of a year, I believe.


The only place to see crowds of this magnitude at a football match are in urban areas.




Melbourne prior showing some Christmas cheer.


 The first time I have ever seen a

public ice skating rink in Melbourne.


A sign of urban living.


An urban (Melbourne) Skyline.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Urban





16 thoughts on “One-Word-Sunday-Urban

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      • I grew up in a small country community…my grandmother owned the post office and manual telephone exchange. Phones were big wooden wall mounted units. No dial, only a handle to turn which rang at the exchange and other party line members letting them know that there was someone using the line.

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    • Mostly lockdowns in capital cities. Today, Monday, nearly all state borders are closed. The Delta variant seems to be loose in the community. Fortunately Melbourne has been free of new cases for the last 2-3 days. Sydney is in complete 2 week lockdown . Melbourne is not in lockdown.

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