when an earlier moment is portrayed in a story
or when a past experience is remembered.


Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am old enough to remember

the manual telephone exchange at our local post office

which my grandmother owned.

These push button phones are now so old and clunky

and only good for one thing….making phone calls.

Comparatively large my current phone...

…can do so much more than phones of yesteryear

and has a whopping 128 GB of storage.

Compare this with the 80 MB of storage

on our first computer.

My Father always talked about riding a horse to school.


From his first car, which needed greasing

every time a long trip was planned…


…through to the last model Holden Commodore,

built in Australia, in 2013.

 The only thing to make it better

would be a factory GPS installed.



Amanda                       Sandi

8 thoughts on “FriendlyFriday21-1806-Flashback

  1. I remember phones with push buttons and even with dials. My dad, who grew up in the Finnish countryside, used to tell us every time we moaned about the cold, how he had to ski 10 km to school and back. Different times 😂.


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  3. Love your flashback photos Woolly. Imagine having to ride a horse to school! One thing though .. why would you have to grease the car before long trips? What’s being greased?


    • As oil lubricates then engine, so grease lubricates external joints/bearings…without grease joints could overheat and seize up. The the trip the more likely this would occur if not greased prior to the trip. Grease was squeezed into a nipple on the joint/bearing to keep it cool, flexible, using a grease gun. Sealed bearings came along in the late 50s or 60s, which meant any joint or bearing which required lubricant were made, lubricant added and covered by a rubber (I think) seal. Lastly SandyL, if I am off the mark please remember that I am not a mechanic and never was all that interested in how/why a car works…just that it does.

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