I thought I would get in early and break

one of the rules…over and done with, etc  -)

This was Rone’s contribution to Geelong’s Public Art

on the Geelong Cement Works.


Situated high above the surrounding western landscape,

it overlooked the earth works which formed

part of the cement works site.

The bridge is part of the Geelong Ring Road;

a freeway which by-passes Geelong altogether.

The Cement Works was easily visible to all

approaching Geelong from

Western Victoria.

Sadly the cement works site was razed

during April lockdown in 2020

This art put Geelong on the Silo Trail map

along with many other rural communities

which have had their silos decorated by

Rone and, maybe, other artists.



Geelong Cement Works Art

Marsha’s Public Art                      Cee’s Public Art

21 thoughts on “Photographing-Public-Art(PPAC)-Wall-Art

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    • I agree, it is a fantastic way to bring buildings such as silos to life. If we can stay out of lockdown for a few weeks I might go on a two or three day road trip around Victoria and photograph some more silos.

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  2. This is the perfect entry of Photographing Public Art! Thanks for sharing! What rule did you break? I missed it, but I don’t have them memorized! 🙂


    • Thank you, Marsha 😊 . Somewhere I read that the art had to to ‘visible from roads, freeways or walkways’. My first offering certainly ticked the boxes when photographed. However it was all destroyed about twelve months ago.

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      • So, it still works because it was in your archives. It was perfect. So sad that the art had to go with the destruction of the building. I wonder if art on a building will ever be part of preserving it?


      • When Cee and I discussed it, we decided to leave it open. That way people who didn’t have pictures that would go with the topic was for the week would be able to play along. What do you think? None of this is set in stone forever. 🙂


      • I tend to prefer themed challenges…although I occasionally do skip challenges if I don’t have any suitable images. That is when open themed challenges are handy. So both have their pros and cons 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      • True that. We will keep that in mind as we move forward. In my Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays Challenge I leave one week a month open. I had the topics set for the year, but I wanted to give a little more leeway to the participants. It’s a nice change. 🙂

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