Prior to planting trees in a grazing property

internal fencing has to be removed.

Buried according to the contractor who

was incharge of the cleanup.

This was the contractor’s idea of cleaning up

and burying the wire.

Nothing like a nearby plantation to hopefully ‘bury’ the old fence.

  About 1,600 metres of fencing was placed around

the farm and on road reserves in this manner.

A proper cleanup was had after the managing company

received a copy of these, and more photos.

There was absolutely no reason why this strainer assembly

out onto the road reserve, unless someone was

going to return under the cover of darkness.

  Number 2 Son is standing where the post

should have been.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Spring-Cleaning

2 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-PC-Cleaning

  1. It seems there are despicable people in all parts of the world and in all walks of life.
    No thought appears to have given to the danger to wildlife that might have been caught up in this. Thank you for sharing this one, Woolly.


    • Hadn’t thought of wildlife SueW, however it didn’t take long for kangaroos to move in and come harvest time there were several clumps of trees left standing due to koalas being sighted.


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