As mentioned last week my copy of Picasa has gone to God.  After I shifted some image folders around it has thrown its hands I the air and told me to find my own photos.

I have tried PhotoScape X, inPixio and Photo Elements 14….none of which have a built in search function…that I can find.

Why Google retired Picasa I do not know.  It is/was brilliant I my opinion searching by name, tags, or number.

I suspect that many bloggers have many photographs in their archives/computers that need frequent searching.

Any thoughts or help with locating a photo editing program with a search function would be appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Help

  1. On my Mac I use Fotos- I hated it at the beginning because I was so used to Aperture, but now I am used to it. The editing program is simple but for most of the things it does its job.


    • Thank you 🙂 Apologies in the delay in replying. I managed to get Picasa going on Thursday. Was so wonderful seeing the photos reload. Must Confess that I initially had similar thoughts regarding Picasa, However it is a relatively simple program to us with its main feature, which I like being that you can quickly export images to folders in low, medium of high resolution with long side measurements ranging from 320 up to 1600 pixels.

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