First one last image of the 12 Apostles.

Back in days of yore, visitors were allowed

to walk out to the very end of this Apostle

which is still joined to the mainland.

Maybe after London Bridge collapsed

barriers were erected here

to keep visitors safe.

Loch Ard Gorge from ground level.

…and in the Gorge.

I have never felt so disinclined to walk around

the Gorge as I did on that day.

I was wondering if I would be able

to climb back up the steps so

oppressive waas the heat.

Radio was stating 44 degrees Celsius that day.

On the sand, out of any breeze,

your guess would be as good as mine.



15 thoughts on “Silent-Sunday-Loch-Ard-Gorge

    • Missed the signs I suspect. 2013 was the first time I visited on such a hot day…and had been driving for over 6 hours. I just couldn’t bear the heat, so for the first time I did not explore the two caves in the Gorge.

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      • If you had trouble with the heat, it is just as well you live down there. I was there in the height of summer, but the wind kept the temperature way down. I must go back one day.


      • It was January 4, 2013 and the bitumen was melting in the car park at Loch Ard Gorge. Usually I opt for friendlier weather, however; I was showing some Canadian friends around. Anything over 35 degrees is considered hot down here. I think it was in 44 that day.

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      • Oooh. I was in Melbourne that January and remember it was 42 and the Aussie Open was on. I had to go walkabout in it as there was no humidity. I did not folks standing back from the pedestrian crossings in the shade of the city buildings. It was far more tolerable at 42 in Melbourne than anything about 31 in Brisbane. And by 4.30 pm the temperature on that Melbourne day was back to 17 – Bliss. In Brisvegas, you have to wait till 2 am for the mercury to drop to anything respectable and even then, the humidity is still present! This is why I find it difficult to cope with the heat up here. How are you faring in the lockdown?


      • It was not a pleasant summer, that’s for sure. Lockdown No. 4 has really only meant wearing of masks for us. Community events/gatherings are still closed otherwise not much else has changed. My significant other had a few days working from home when her school closed. Unless things change significantly in the next few days I cannot see that there should be any easing of restrictions in Melbourne. Particularly with the Delta variant, from India, popping up in schools.


      • Oh no. Not in the schools! Actually, the police appeared around the corner arresting one of our neighbors who tried to do home quarantine rather than hotel quarantine after coming back from Victoria!
        I hope there is easing of restrictions for you soon!


      • I feel sure that they are working so hard to not allow that to happen. If the police are arresting folks up here they must be monitoring the situation very carefully.


      • I think the are monitoring carefully. Eleven new cases today although nine were already in quarantine. This mornings briefing stated that Melburnian’s would not be travelling this weekend.


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