K. L. Slater


K. L. Slater’s Blink is one of his best I have read this year.  Single mother, Toni and five-year-old Evie have moved to a new area, new school and know very few people.  The only person from Evie’s school who had bothered to make themselves known to Toni was Miss Watkins.  Miss Watkins represented herself as a teacher when in fact she was a only teacher’s aide.

Like many single parents Toni is finding the going tough and just as she finds herself a job, and the promise of a financially better life, Evie is taken from school….by a stranger.

Blink is written in two parts, present day and three years earlier where most of the action takes place.

For a great majority of Blink the present day action revolves around a woman who is little more than a vegetable to onlookers, but in reality is wide awake, but locked in her inanimate body.                

As with many of Slater’s novels, I did not pick the ending in any way shape or form.  I was way off base which for me added another half star to its rating.


I rated


as a solidstar read.

At the time of writing my review other

Goodreads readers have rated


an average of 4.00 stars

from 11,999 ratings

1,029 reviews



is available online


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