Wordless Wednesday21_3006-Hangover



While on the subject of sleeping dogs…

MGW had thrown out some

very old cooking wine

Four year old Maggie lapped up

as much as she could,

resulting in one giant hangover.

If not a hangover her breath said

it should have been.


Stay safe.    🙂


Hope you enjoyed.





Queenscliff Pier with lighthouses

in the background

At Queenscliff you can catch the Ferry across

Port Phillip Bay to Sorrento.

Queenscliff to Sorrento Ferry

takes around 40 minutes,

much quicker than driving

via Melbourne City.









poetry (in motion)

is something that is graceful

and beautiful to observe.


When not acting in total chaos as in last week’s post…

Seagulls can provide some extraordinarily…

…graceful and beautiful photo opportunities.








While considered fairly modest swimwear

in the 21st Century…

…it is far more revealing than swimwear

of the 1950s and beyond.






If you want to start a heated discussion in Victoria…

…simply make a football related comment

in the presence of opposing supporters.





Devil’s Lair


Sarah Barrie



Sarah Barrie’s Devil’s Lair was my first of her books and probably will not be my last.

Even after Callie is acquitted of murdering her husband people still shun her husband’s dream and refuse to come back to their Bed and Breakfast.   So Callie decides to move to a cottage near an old mansion in Tasmania where she finds solace in the beauty of the Tasmanian landscape and friendly locals, in particular Connor and his siblings at nearby Calico Lodge.

Unknown to Callie the old mansion has a chequered past associated with witchcraft and murder.

However, it I the nocturnal events in Callie’s cottage which lead Callie to question her reasons for moving to Tasmania and eventually she begins to doubt her own sanity.

I listened to Devil’s Lair as a background novel while working on my computer which is not the best way to read any novel as some important parts of the story may be missed through lack of concentration.  However, all the concentrating under the sun would not have prepared me for the twists and turns towards the end.  As with most novels set in, or about, Australia I did enjoy Devil’s Lair.  Perhaps in book format it may have been four star material however I felt three and a half stars was enough.  As Goodreads does not cater for half stars Devil’s Lair can only be rated a solid three star read.

I rated

Devil’s Lair

 as a

three star read/audiobook

At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

Devil’s Lair

an average of 3.81 stars

 from 689 ratings

 and 132 reviews

Devil’s Lair

can be purchased online at

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon




Visitors to our garden…

I’m not sure if this snake was dead

before or after Candi commenced her barking.

At approximately 20 centimetres it would

have been venomous.


Our resident Blue Tongue lizard lives

under the eastern verandah,

when in residence.

At the moment it may be residing with the next door neighbour.

Wattle Bird near the clohes line…

On the line gave it a better view.

It has been a good year for honeyeaters this year,

or maybe they are also following…

…COVID rules and moving too far to feed.

Unfortunately our resident

Spur Wing Plovers

did not remain long…

…after a nest was destroyed by either

our cat or one of the dogs, last spring


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Visitors



I have included a few things to do

in and around Geelong

just in case borders are closed suddenly.


Visit the Otway Rainforest near Geelong

Lekhubu Island and its ancient Baobab trees

on the edge of the Kalahari Desert.


Sunrise at Botswana’s Lekhubu Island


Rise early to enjoy sunrise at Geelong

Go on an African Safari


Enjoy an a Down Under sunset near Geelong


Cruise into Glacier Bay and view Alaska’s

Margerie Glacier

Explore the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Centre

From Fairbanks take a Chenna River Cruise

Fly from Fairbanks to Coldfoot…

…coach to small community…


…of Wiseman inside the Arctic Circle.