My earliest memories of Roy were at shearing time when he would help out in the shed. 

Roy and his wife lived on 20 acres on the outskirts of our small country town and he would turn his hand to just about anything for work.   He was well known and well liked.

When father-time (and ill health) caught up with Roy and he decided to retire, Dad suggested he hold a clearing sale after he sold his house and land.   A clearing sale is a bit like a garage sale.  Everything the vendor does not want is put up for auction. 

With the assistance of a local auctioneer, Roy reluctantly organised the clearing sale which he believed was a waste of time. 

The sale was held and Dad’s suggestion netted Roy another $2,000 if my memory is correct.  

So, on sale day, Dad was wandering around seeking a bargain, when Roy’s neighbour Stan approached Dad and asked:

Frank, how would you feel if your saw your ladders for sale?”  

To which Dad replied, with a laugh;

About the same as when I saw my old drill for sale I guess.

True story!

Only the names of the implements have been changed for photographic reasons.

Apparently Roy did have a habit of borrowing from neighbours and, in fairness, it was an era when neighbours did borrow from each other.





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