Ten Tiny Breaths

(Ten Tiny Breaths #1)

K. A. Tucker




K. A. Tucker’s, Ten Tiny Breaths follows Kacey Cleary’s life after her parents, boyfriend and best friend are killed by a drunk driver.  Miraculously she survives the crash which also killed two of three occupants of the offending vehicle.    Fifteen year year old Livie, Kacey’s younger sister tries to be a steadying influence while Kacey resorts to sex, alcohol and drug to ease the survivour’s guilt and pain she feels.


It takes a visit from Uncle Raymond, to young Livie’s bed, one night to bring Kacey out of her spiral.  Together the girls run to Florida, rent an apartment and start a new life, with a grumpy landlord, a single mum, and a sexy good looking guy next door. Trent.

The question is not will but when will Kacey succumb to sexy good looking guy’s charms.

Ten Tiny Breaths may be cliched, however, I found Ten Tiny Breaths to be an enjoyable and reasonably quick read.

 At the time of writing my review,

other Goodreads readers have rated

Ten Tiny Breaths

an average of 4.12 stars

from 72,123 ratings

and 5,747 reviews.


I rated

Ten Tiny Breaths

as an enjoyable

four star read.


Ten Tiny Breaths

can be purchased online at

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon 


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