Book Review-The-Void-Greig-Beck

The Void

(Alex Hunter #7)

Greig Beck


A few years ago we visited Alaska, where a large part of The Void is set, and I am so pleased I read Grieg Beck’s, The Void after our visit.

Being a believer of ‘life out there’ I was hooked the moment I heard of an object coming from outer space, and on a collision course with an American spaceship.  The intrigue only increased as said object changed its course to follow the astronauts in their ship.  A crash landing in a crater in Alaska makes the ideal spot for our extra-terrestrial bodies to begin their earthly life.  However, our extra-terrestrials were not counting on Alex Hunter and his team to intervene.

While circling earth photos had been taken of every missile silo in the world.  Hunter’s mission was to retrieving the memory card (from the spaceship) which contained all these images.  The Russians and their new breed of soldiers were also interested in finding the downed spacecraft for the same reason.


The Void has the same never a dull moment pace and intrigue as any of Greg Beck’s previous books and I, again, thoroughly enjoyed Sean Mangan’s narration of The Void.


I think

The Void

is a



At the time of writing my review,

other Goodreads readers have rated

The Void

 an average of 4.24 stars

from 697 ratings

and 67 reviews.

The Void

can be purchased online at

FishpondBooktopia, and Amazon

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