In 1965 I built this planter box during

woodwork at my High School.

Nearly sixteen years ago it lost its

charmed existence and was relegated

to the outdoors where it deteriorated

in its westerly aspect.


A new one was called for

‘…with a seat so I can sit and pat the dogs…’

My first attempt was a tad too small,

however instructions regarding size

were few and far between.

While still in the Version 2 planning phase

I noticed some recycled hardwood

fence palings, for sale, on Facebook.

One side (the outside) of the palings had

been dressed, while the undressed side

became the inside of this project.

What’s more, it has even passed the sit test!  🙂

I just finished photographing it,

in case there was a use for the image and

also so we would know what it looked like

when new, at mid-afternoon Sunday,

came inside, visited the Weekly Prompt

page and voila!

While possibly not the essence of

outdoor seating,  it has been made

for outdoor sitting.  😉


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Outdoor-Seating

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