12 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-PC-On-The-Move

  1. Your on the move pictures are great, and I would have loved to have been there to see the moving water. BUT I’m not sure how you managed to have the comments from the Outdoor Seating post present on this challenge!
    I went back to have to have a look at that page but got Oops Page not found! 😁


      • Those gremlins get everywhere! 🙂
        Oh, I was delighted to read that travel between New Zealand and Australia is now allowed.


      • Had to smile a day or two back. An NZ cleaner of planes tested positive, and NZ PM, Jacinta Ahern was all smiles stating that borders will not be closed. My thought were along the lines of…’I wonder what she would have said if the positive case had been in Melbourne’. I guess we will find out in the net day or so as a bloke in hotel quarantine has brought it to Melbourne….ending our 50 plus days of no community cases.

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      • Oh, I do hope it hasn’t had a chance to spread further.
        Our first case last year was from a Chinese mother visiting her son who was at university here. They were staying in a hotel at the time the mother showed symptoms, it passed to her son but it didn’t spread to anyone else.

        It was many weeks later before it began here. People arriving back from France from skiing trips brought it into the country. Little was known about how far it had spread and there was no track and trace system in place.
        Now when someone tests positive their contact’s names are recorded and they are contacted and sent into isolation. Unfortunately, Track and Trace only works when people are honest about their contacts.

        It hasn’t worked very well in poorer communities where the lower paid cannot afford to take time off work, so names haven’t been passed on and those contacts have not gone into isolation.


  2. Perfect timing all around then, Woolly.
    I came on to check for replies at the same time as you landed here.

    Oh, I do like your storage bench, I love it when one item has multi purpose use. Thank you, Woolly, 🙂


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