Book Review-Innocent-Man

The Innocent Man


John Grisham


Jon Grisham’s, The Innocent Man would have gone unread had I read the burb.  However, I didn’t and it hasn’t.  I am not a fan of true stories.

 The Innocent Man tracks Ron Williamson’s futile attempts to move from country baseball to Oklahoma’s major league baseball.  When eventually delisted, Ron returns to Ada, his home town, where several years later a cocktail waitress is murdered.  Ron and friend Dennis Fritz are regarded by local law enforcement as prime suspects.  Five years after the event both are arrested, charged with murder, tried and found guilty and sentenced to death.  All based on the evidence of jail house snitches, alleged dream confession and shonky experts.

The scariest part of this book is the fact that innocence is no longer presumed by America’s justice system.  Ron Williamson was down to a week before his execution date when the stay of execution was handed down.  And that was only because the bloke destined to read his appeal actually read the trial transcript and brought inconsistencies to his boss.  An entirely different outcome would have resulted had it not been for this zealous clerk.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Innocent Man.  However, I must also confess to being a John Grisham junkie.  The Innocent Man being my twenty-fourth of Grisham’s books.

The Innocent Man moved along at a good pace and did not dwell on the tedium of everyday life; a detail which has seen me not wanting to read true life stories.

I rated

Innocent Man

as a solid read


At the time of writing my review,

Goodreads readers have rated

Innocent Man

an average of 3.83 stars

from 66,406 ratings

and 5,096 reviews

Innocent Man

can be purchased on-line at 

Fishpond, Booktopia and Amazon

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