worth remembering or easily remembered,
especially because of being special or unusual.

Of all our sightings during our 2013 African Safari,

by far the most memorable was

sighting Limpy (the Lioness)

and her cubs.


At around six weeks old they were inquisitive.

While mum remained a comfortable 50 metres from us,

her cubs came to within 5 metres of our vehicle…

…where, to  our collective amazement,

they played for 20 minutes on

a pile of elephant dung.

As light faded and our vehicle started,

both cubs scurried away to the safety of mum.

Twenty minutes with two wild lion cubs

was well worth the 300 plus shots

I  click off that last evening in

South Africa, 2013.

We were told that Limpy was so named

because she had a deformed foot.

However, when hunting she showed

no sign of her disability.

Sadly, vets had to euthanize her in September 2014,

less than 12 months after meeting her offspring.



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