Stone crusher drive wheel

An old drill with a new lease on life

since its conversion to outdoor seating

at a country café.

Discovered at a old paper mill on Geelong’s outskirts


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Wheels

10 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-PC-Wheels

      • Do you mean on my Nan’s farm site?
        Yes automatically aligned, except at the beginning next to the little clipart tractor. The clipart is left aligned so that moves the text to the right.
        I don’t use blocks nor the desktop App, I use the online Admin Classic editor. But since December I use the Microsoft blogging template to write and then after uploading to WordPress I reopen in the Admin Classic to do the final tweaking. I had intended to centralise the text under the images but I forgot! 😀

        The default text is automatically aligned to the left on both Microsoft and WordPress.


      • I’m a classical editor user also. I shudder to think how I will fare when I don’t have a choice. Years ago a shearer used to come out with some remarkable quotes, one being…..’Why fix it, if it isn’t broke’. We used to chuckle at these sayings but over the years……. The block editor is one of those occasions where I want to scream, ‘the old editor wasn’t broke and didn’t need fixing. And if it did the resulting fix is awful 😢


      • Hi again Woolly. I just realised that you could have meant that view of the post looked odd. So here’s a screenshot of the start of the post.


      • Oh what an idiot I am – you mean your post don’t you not mine!! 😂
        Looks perfect and is centralised. I took a screenshot for you.


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