Book Review-Long-Road-to-Mercy

Long Road to Mercy

(Atlee Pine #1)


David Baldacci


Long Road to Mercy by David Baldacci is the first of three books, so far, featuring FBI Agent, Atlee Pine.  The underlying storyline is that of Atlee finding her twin sister, Mercy, who was abducted when they were six.  However Atlee’s job as FBI Agent relegates her personal desires to the background during Long Road to Mercy.

Stationed in a small town near The Grand Canyon, Atlee finds herself invested in the murder of a mule and the disappearance of its presumably, tourist rider.  Atlee is soon drawn into this mysterious murder and missing person case.  She seems to be making headway when she receives orders to stand down from her superiors.  While loyal to her employer Atlee is not so easily brushed off a case.  She is told to take some vacation time which gives her the opportunity to go off the grid to solve this mystery with the help of her secretary, Carol, a long time FBI employee.

The problem for Pine is she doesn’t know who are the real villains.  Is it the Russians, the North Koreans or rogue elements of her own government?  Or could two be working against the third?

As with all good heroes, Atlee not only saves the day but the world.

I enjoy David Baldacci’s novels one reason being that they move along at a good pace.  Long Road to Mercy is no exception.

I have rated

Long Road to Mercy

a solid

four stars.


Other Goodreads readers have rated

Long Road to Mercy

an average of 3.83 stars

from 47,200 ratings

 and 3,462 reviews.

Long Road to Mercy

may be purchased online at

Fishpond, Booktopia and Amazon


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