Feeding seagulls

Eye on the prize.


Five or six years ago we commenced feeding some bread

to a few Magpies each evening.

At first food was placed on the trampoline,

a safe distance from the house.



Our flock expanded with new season hatchlings

eventually finding the courage to join in at feed time…


I was never sure if this was a call to the rest of the family,

or a thank you from our black and white friends.

I would like to think the latter.


Several began turning up at the back door

almost pleading for their fix.


And so night after night the…

ritual continued.



…a new addition to our family began to mark her turf.


To watch another eat perfectly good food

was an utter waste in little Taji’s mind…


…and one night in sheer frustration

she could stand it no longer.

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8 thoughts on “SUNDAY-STILLS-PC-Feed-the-Birds

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    • Unfortunately no. I’m not sure if it was Taji or mynah birds, I suspect the former, our Magpies stopped coming. Maybe we stopped feeding. Now it’s Candi who has a love-hate relationship with birds. She will stand at her kennel staring at birds perched on the TV antenna.

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      • Our cats love to watch birds – eve on TV. Nutter Butter will try to peek to the back side of the TV to see where they are. He also has developed a love affair with South Park. I never watched it but Vince put it on for him one day and he actually sat up and watched it.


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